In 2008, Sterling Ruby designed a basic “work wear” button-down shirt and a pair of jean-style pants to be worn in the studio. Made from the leftover scraps from soft sculpture production and quilt projects, the heavy weight denim and canvas uniform quickly became a type of “studio camouflage.” Over the years, the pattern has seen an almost ritualistic retelling of the countless textile projects that his studio has overseen—replaying, recycling and echoing the remnants of fabrics used to create the artist’s quilts, collages and sculptures. In this feature, the staff of Sterling Ruby Studio wears T-shirts, button-down shirts, coats, pants, ponchos and bags from Sterling Ruby’s Work Wear.



Chanel von Habsburg-Lothringen
Executive Assistant

“I schedule everything and work closely with Sterling to make sure than nothing slips through the cracks. I’m originally from Detroit. I’m an artist and co-run EMBASSY, a gallery in Chinatown.”


Tyler Britt

“I have worked with Sterling for 8 years, starting just before “SUPERMAX 2008″ at MOCA. Since then I have watched the studio grow considerably-in personnel, physical space, and ambition.”


Celeste Voce

“I’ve been with the studio for over 6 years. My job regularly requires me to interact with the artwork and because of my encyclopedic knowledge of the database, I’m the one everyone comes to with questions.”


Ashley Fondrevay
Financial Officier

“Everyone is a bit scared of me because I handle the money, but I’m just a fuzzy bunny in wolf’s clothing. In a previous life I was “Frosh Girl” in I Heart Huckabees, a movie that I also named.”


Ben Turner
Studio Assistant

“In the studio, I assist with packing and organizing the artwork, as well as general fabrication. I love a well packed crate. I am an artist and garage cook. SQUA.”


Cameron Michel
Studio Assistant

“I work on a range of mediums, and whatever the studio needs when I’m at SRS. When I’m away from the studio, I’m working on collages, paintings, sculptures, music and getting crazy in the late hours.”


Carey Chiaia
Studio Assistant

“I assist with most aspects of production work. You’ll usually catch me on a fork lift or behind a crate. I like to grow plants, cook and throw parties.”


Ariane Vielmetter

“I collect and organize receipts and records for all transactions happening at the studio, and I make sure that everyone gets paid! I make my own work as an artist, write and organize exhibitions.”


Andrew Sexton
Graphic Designer

“I work on various design projects here at the studio, and make art in my spare time.”


Jennifer Kishi

“I manage and oversee the studio archive and library, ensuring that the materials are organized, accessible, and preserved. I am also a founding member of The Los Angeles Archivists Collective.”


Madeline Davy
Textiles Manager

“I work with Sterling on all the fabric projects at the studio, from the tapestries to the Work Wear. I’m an artist and designer. I moved to Los Angeles from New York where I lived for 15 years.”


Neal Reinalda
Studio Assistant

“At the studio I mostly pack and move artwork and do pushups. I also make music and throw flavor raves with the young god Carey Chiaia as Grand Opening.”


Pinar Eris
Textile Fabricator

“I have constructed and sewn flags, quilts and soft sculptures for many years now. I’m originally from Turkey, but I’ve been living in Los Angeles for 16 years. I am a fashion designer and have my own line, PINaR ERIS.”


Reid Ulrich
Special Projects

“I started three years ago helping pour urethane works. Now you can find me photographing textiles, or working on renderings for upcoming exhibitions. I’m an artist and moonlight as an industrial design student.”


Riley O’Neill
Studio Assistant

“I work with the boys on the floor helping make the art. I’m also the designated driver of the Zamboni sweeper. I like to work with metal and make sculpture and love to surf. Catch me in the green room.”


Sarah Conaway

“I edit interviews and essays, as well as supervise layouts for publications and exhibition materials. Sometimes I call myself the Ministry of Propaganda. You can see my art at The Box in Los Angeles and Barbara Seiler in Zurich.”


Seymour Polatin
Administrative Assistant

“I coordinate incoming and outgoing deliveries, and support the office and studio staff. My personal work includes showing art in my Ford Crown Victoria, as gallery1993.”


Trevor Gainer
Production Manager

“I work with Sterling, the studio staff and outside contractors on production and infrastructure-related matters. I am an artist and fabricator with a studio in Downtown Los Angeles.”


Anne Haack
Personal Assistant

“I help organize Sterling’s family life, from their everyday schedules to planning trips. I’m a painter from Germany and recently moved here from Berlin.”


Wilson Martinez

“I help Sterling produce patterns and samples for his Work Wear. I am also a drummer and fashion designer on the quest for the perfect blast beat and set-in sleeve.”

Photography: Sterling Ruby/Reid Ulrich
Styling: Sterling Ruby/Madeline Davy