Kaleidoscope #24
Spring/Summer 2015


In the opening section of HIGHLIGHTS, 11 profiles account for the best of the season: BUNNY ROGERS (by Hanne Mugaas), ERIC MACK (by Beau Rutland), ANICKA YI (by Alexander Shulan), IBRAHIM MAHAMA (by George Vasey), GUCCIVUITTON (by Gean Moreno), HOLLY HERNDON (by Bianca Stoppani), NANCY LUPO (by Jay Ezra Nayssan), ÉTUDES STUDIO (by Christopher Schreck), THAN HUSSEIN CLARK (by Dan Munn), MING WONG (by Binghao Wong), and MÉLANIE MATRANGA (by Martha Kirszenbaum).

As the logo reasserts its place in popular culture and a new generation of artists explores and challenges notions of branding, LOGOMANIA™ is the title of our signature MAIN THEME section—composed of a trend overview by Alessio Ascari, which investigates art’s obsession with brands in recent art history; a fashion think piece by Trey Taylor; and four artist interviews on the topic, including Mark Flood (by Jeff Elrod), Ilja Karilampi (by Peter J. Amdam), Metahaven (by Nav Haq), and Cory Arcangel (by Jacob Ciocci).

To follow, this issue’s MONO section is dedicated to the great German painter Albert Oehlen. Unified by a brilliant understanding of the semiotics of images, and agitated by a humorous take on the false dichotomy of good and bad taste, his practice unfolds through a set of constraints and a brutally harsh interior dialogue—setting up a little chess game between the painter and the canvas. This definitive monographic survey comprises an essay by John Corbett and an interview by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen.

Later on, the VISIONS section invites the eye to an enthralling journey across ahundred pages of visual contributions by artists, curators and image-makers, including: Simon Denny, Sam Falls, KAWS, Huma Bhabha, Tianzhuo Chen, George Dureau, Laura Owens & Asha Schechter, and Willa Nasatir.

Lastly, the closing section of REGULARS features our insightful columns on the past, present and future of art and culture: in PIONEERS Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen talk influences with Dan Graham; PRODUCERS features Carson Chan exploring the abyss with William Warmus; Jeffrey Deitch advocates Art for All for his RENAISSANCE MAN column; in FUTURA 89+, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets interview young artist Darja Bajagić; Milovan Farronato and Goshka Macuga share memories of Stromboli as part of the PANORAMA series.

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