Launch Party in Los Angeles

On August 3, KALEIDOSCOPE teamed up with Sterling Ruby Studio and PR Consulting to celebrate the magazine’s Issue #27 (STERLING RUBY TAKEOVER) in the artist’s home city, Los Angeles. The launch cocktail took place at the Store Terrace of the Hammer Museum, to coincide with the artist’s participation in the ongoing “Made in LA” biennial. On this occasion, we launched a limited edition of 150 numbered copies enriched by a stunning B&W uncoated cover signed by the artist, a poster, a zine, a sticker, and a custom-made bandana.

Attendees included: Sterling Ruby, Sterling Ruby Studio’s Tyler Britt and Sarah Conaway; KALEIDOSCOPE’s Alessio Ascari, Myriam Ben Salah and Cristina Travaglini; Melanie Schiff, Alex Israel, Stefan Simchowitz, Eddie Ruscha, Francesca Gabbiani-Ruscha, Tørbjørn Rødland, Nicolas Trembley, Liz Goldwyn, Sonia Aram, Amy Bessone, Jay Ezra Nayssan, Rodney and Taka Nonaka-Hill, Davide Balula, Simon Manwarring, Augustus Thompson, Karolina Dankow, Fabian Marti, Bettina Korek, Jasmin Shokrian, Mieke Marple, Theodora Allen, Martha Kirszenbaum, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Lucia Ribisi, Aaron Moulton, and Max Hooper Schneider.



160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-2     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-3


160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-4     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-5

160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-7     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-8


160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-9     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-10


160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-12     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-21


160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-14     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-15


160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-16     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-17


160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-24     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-37_edit


160803_sterlingruby_launch-82     160803_kaleidoscope_sruby_launch-26

Photo credit: Michael Anthony Hernandez