KALEIDOSCOPE Issue #30 (Summer 2017)

We are delighted to announce the release of our new summer issue, a special anniversary edition premiering at Art Basel.

Berlin Gallery Weekend 6/6: Pamela Rosenkranz

Berlin Gallery Weekend 5/6: Guan Xiao

Alexandra Bircken

On the occasion of her touring retrospective, the German artist talks about her previous career in fashion, an obsession with materials, and cutting objects in two to reveal their inner lives.


Harumi Yamaguchi

Darja Bajagić

Kahlil Joseph

Distilling his vision between the mainstream and commissions from major museums, the LA-based filmmaker occupies a peculiar overlap space in the Venn diagram of art and the moving image.

Wu Tsang

Martine Syms

The American artist explores the blurred line between intimacy and fiction, questioning the mechanisms of storytelling and mediated forms of identity.

Anne Imhof

Peter Halley

Interview: Jordan Wolfson

Sophia Al-Maria

The Qatari-American artist stepped out of the Gulf into the global experience of the consumer world.

Interview: Sterling Ruby

Simon Denny Takeover 3/3

While in Shenzhen, Simon Denny talks to the Chinese architect and urban planner about the complex ecosystem of China’s instant mega-cities.

Simon Denny Takeover 2/3

Simon Denny Takeover 1/3

Le Silver book

Originally a report commissioned by Nike, "Le Silver. An Italian Oral History of the Nike Air Max 97" by Lodovico Pignatti Morano is a snapshot of ‘90s urban culture.