Kaleidoscope #30
Limited Edition


A limited edition of 500 copies of KALEIDOSCOPE’s issue #30 (summer 2017) is now available to buy online enriched with an exclusive supplement.

The enclosed flexi disc, published in collaboration with Know Wave, features the track “Untitled (Stomp and Words Mix)” from the score of Martine Syms’ new feature-length film, Incense Sweaters & Ice.

Combining autobiographical material with historical narratives and tropes from popular culture, Syms examines representations of blackness and its relation to American vernacular, situation comedy and feminist movements.

In this rugged analog house track composed by London-based DJ and producer, long time NTS veteran and Apron affiliate Shamos, the vocals by Tashia B enumerate a list of “self-preservation rules” devised by Syms as a manifesto of sorts.