We are pleased to welcome Swiss artist Louisa Gagliardi for the new installment of KALEIDOSCOPE Instagram Residency, our online Instagram-based project.

Louisa, who also features in the magazine’s current issue, will take over KALEIDOSCOPE’s Instagram account to explore her personal obsession with the subject of hands, combining her own paintings with imagery drawn from movies, the Internet and the everyday.

Follow her posts at instagram.com/kaleidoscopemagazine or by using the hashtag #kaleidoscopeinstagramresidency.

Louisa Gagliardi (Swiss, b. 1989) is an artist who lives and works in Zurich. She is currently in residency at Fondation Suisse, Paris, and showing with artists Adam Cruces and Greg Ito at Mon Chéri, Brussels, through 5 March. Her solo exhibition “La Belle Heure” opens today at Tomorrow, New York.