Instagram Residency: ÅYR

We are pleased to welcome London-based art collective ÅYR for the new installment of KALEIDOSCOPE Instagram Residency, our online Instagram-based project.

ÅYR will take over KALEIDOSCOPE’s Instagram account in coincidence with the opening days of the Venice Architecture Biennale, reporting from the front (row). A hint of the events, its figures, its scale and other modulor extravaganzas.

At the Biennale, ÅYR is exhibiting at the British Pavilion as part of “Home Economics” curated by Jack Self, Shumi Bose and Finn Williams. The preview and vernissage of the Biennale will take place from 26–28 May at the Giardini and Arsenale, then the exhibition will be on view through November 27.

Follow ÅYR’s posts at or by using the hashtag #kaleidoscopeinstagramresidency.

ÅYR is a London-based art collective founded in 2014 by Fabrizio Ballabio, Alessandro Bava, Luis Ortega Govela and Octave Perrault, whose work focuses on contemporary forms of domesticity. The collective will take part in the upcoming 9th Berlin Biennale, opening on June 4. ÅYR is represented by Project Native Informant, London.