ISSUE 35 FALL/WINTER 2019/20 OUT NOW         ISSUE 35 FALL/WINTER 2019/20 OUT NOW    
Lee Scratch Perry: Ark-eology
Ottolinger: Destruction as Research
innen zines: Labor of Love
Alvaro Barrington: Seeing Together
Lee Gamble: Networked Hallucination
Victor Vasarely: Planetary Folklore
Jeremy O. Harris: Slave Play
HO99O9: No One Lives
Geumhyung Jeong: Machine Desire
Simon Denny: Mine
The Great Sand Castle: Sand as Commodity.
Desert Boot Genealogy: From British Burma to Yeezy.
Steve Reich: The Desert Music.
OrtaMiklos: Exploring objects through performance.
Young Girl Reading Group
brings text into the domain of performative installation.
Cassi Namoda: Painting the identity of the Lusophone diaspora.
The Artist is Present: Interview with Maurizio Cattelan
LUAR: The diasporic and sartorial label re-defining New York fashion.
“Passageways: On Fashion’s Runway” opens at Kunsthalle Bern
Patrick Frey: An All-Rounder of the Art World.
Dan Mitchell: The democratic art of the poster.
Tom Sachs on NIKECraft, intuition, and seeing the future.
Franz West: The relational possibilities of sculpture.
Oneohtrix Point Never: The Age of Infinite Scroll.
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