Curated by Études Studio

Opening tonight at 6.30 pm and on view through 24 June, “Curated By–Études” is an installation—partly exhibition, partly design shop—created by Paris/New York-based collective Études Studio especially for RIVIERA Bookshop in Milan.

Operating as a sort of collaborative meta-brand, grouping a wide range of pursuits into a single, self-referential imprint, much of Études’ work is aimed at “hybrid conclusions,” and nowhere is this more evident than in their high-fashion apparel. Highly conceptual but always wearable, each is shown in unconventional settings and imaginatively documented, the shots functioning as both ads and artworks—an example being the limited-edition merchandise set exclusively made by Études Studio for KALEIDOSCOPE in Summer 2015, which was accompanied by an original photo shoot by Ari Marcopoulos. These methods carry over to the studio’s publishing arm, which to date has focused on a series of photo monographs called “The Blue Books.” Set in cobalt fabric, each volume shares a common format but varies in content, with work ranging from Nicolai Howalt’s car crash studies to Daniel Everett’s architectural abstractions. The Études aesthetic is nothing if not stylized: precise even in experimentation, they approach fashion as artists, art as designers, exhibition as ad men. 

With the installation at RIVIERA, Études Studio relive the history of the collaborations that have animated the life of the brand, from fashion to books. Featured artists and photographers include Mohamed Bourouissa, Gregory Halpern & Andraya Parlato, Chris Wiley, Peter Funch, Daniel Turner, Charles Negre & Thomas Rousset, Daniel Everett, Travess Smalley, Robin Cameron, Pia Howell, Manuel Fernandez, Jessica Eaton, Mårten Lange, Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Fabio Marco Pirovino, Jonathan Binet, Nicolai Howalt, Nicolas Hosteing, Bryan Dooley, Colin Snapp and Paul Kooiker.


RIVIERA is a temporary bookshop hosted by Milan’s Istituto Svizzero (Swiss Institute, via Vecchio Politecnico 3) as the pivot of a versatile program punctuated by book launches, talks, performances, sales, long-term exhibitions. The display by Matilde Cassani, a gently sloping structure, offers an infrastructure for publications, works and visitors, as well as a landscape that ebbs and flows, assuming the function of a display fixture or a stage, depending on the different events.